After the Storm

The relief felt after a big storm has passed is tremendous. But unfortunately, the trouble for your home may only just be getting started.

Keeping water out of your home is the key to protecting it against mold and mildew. If your home is built with 100% concrete block, you’ll have the peace of mind that water is unable to penetrate concrete as it can with wood. Even in the face of Florida’s torrential downpours, concrete block will maintain it’s airtight walls. And unlike wood frame homes, concrete block does not provide a food source for mold.

Flooding is a concern during heavy rain, but even small amounts of moisture entering the home with wood construction can lead to bigger problems down the road. Extended exposure to mold can lead to skin rashes and respiratory issues, and the cost for removal can break the bank. Build smart with concrete block, and rest assured that your home will be safe even after the storm.

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