Concrete Color Splash

As we enter the harvest season, it may be time to give your landscape design a seasonal refresh by changing out your concrete planters with some fall florals. Adding some brightly colored chrysanthemums, pansies, dahlias, and calla lilies will give your garden a fun pop of color and boost your curb appeal.

Many vegetables will thrive in the cooler weather such as
broccoli, carrots, lettuce, rutabaga, spinach, and kale. The harvest of these crops will provide rich colors to your outdoor living spaces, and are nutritious for the whole family as well.

Finish off your new fall landscape with some accents of goldenrod and orange gerbera daisies. The goldenrod can grow to 4 feet in height and will also act as a food source for monarch butterflies which use the flowers’ nectar to help fuel their long journey south each fall.

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