Honey Do List No. 3

With Hurricane Season already kicked off, it’s time to tackle the “Honey Do List”. It’s vitally important to tackle projects in and around the house to protect your home before, during, and after a big storm rolls through. Taking some time to make a few quick fixes or add-ons around the home can eliminate possible storm damage and homeowners insurance claims.

If your house isn’t built Block Strong with concrete block, then be sure to seal every single crack where water could enter your home. Concrete doesn’t allow water to penetrate the way wood will due to it’s airtight walls But if your home wasn’t built with concrete block, keeping water out of your home is the key to protecting it not only during a storm, but also against post-storm mold and mildew. Building with 100% concrete block from top to bottom is not just safer and more energy efficient, but it’s also the healthier choice with eliminating the chance of mold and mildew growing within your walls after the storm passes.

Durability. Safety. Longevity.

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