Honey Do List No. 4


If your home was built with wood, and not with 100% concrete block then it’s a good idea to review your homeowner’s insurance policy before it’s too late. With eight inches of concrete block between the inside of your home and the outside elements, it can withstand winds up to 250 miles per hour. This provides more security in hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes which leads to deeper discounts on your insurance policy just for having safer materials in your walls. The insurance companies are happy to see that your home has a reduced risk of storm damage due to high winds or post storm mold growth, and their ultimate reward to you is the reduced premium costs.

An extra added bonus on top of lower homeowner’s insurance premiums is the increased energy efficiency which goes a long way in terms of savings during the heat of the summer. Savings on your insurance premiums AND your energy bill? Check and check!

Protect your home and your bank account this hurricane season. Build with concrete block, and double check your insurance policy to see what may or may not be covered.

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