Honey Do List No. 5


If your house wasn’t built with 100% concrete block, it’s time to get outside and trim those trees as even a small limb can damage a stick built house. Check for limbs that hang over your home, as well as weak limbs that are broken, dead, or damaged as they can turn into dangerous flying debris in an instant.

Trees that have received proper trimming and care have a much better chance at surviving a powerful storm, but please leave that care in the hands of a professional arborist if it requires a tall ladder or a chainsaw.

Especially here in Florida, having a home that can stand up to Mother Nature is critical. Concrete block construction puts eight inches in-between you and the outside elements withstanding winds up to 250 miles per hour and keeping unwanted water outside while providing a safe fortress from falling limbs and trees.

How ready is your current landscape?

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