Honey Do List No. 6


The number one cause of hurricane damage is from the mighty winds that accompany such a storm. When your home is built with 100% concrete block from top to bottom, it can withstand strong winds up to 250 miles per hour which provides more security during hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. Having a home built to stand up to Mother Nature is crucial, especially in Florida.

If your home isn’t built Block Strong, then you need to make sure you secure it as best as you can against the wind. Install and check hurricane straps on your roof which ensure it’s bolted to the rest of your house, brace your garage door to prevent more extensive damage, and board up windows and doors for extra protection.

Another added bonus is that when your home has a reduced risk of storm damage due to the stronger materials it was built with, it equates to lower insurance premiums as well. A mighty win-win!

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